Toronto West

Thank you for your interest in the Toronto West TELUS Motorcycle Ride For Dad!


This year the Toronto West Ride will not be taking place.


A successful Ride requires a team of dedicated volunteers to organize and deliver a quality event. The Toronto West Ride organizers felt they lacked enough volunteers to proceed with the 2020 Ride and believe that it is better to take a year off to regroup, recruit new volunteers, and return in 2021 at full strength. In 2020 in particular, the team is seeking a Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons to take on the leadership and coordination role.


We ask you to take your support one step further…by asking you to volunteer. Please help us to plan and organize an event for 2021!


Please contact us at 1-866-710-6733 or email to learn how you can get further involved in fighting prostate cancer in your own community. Everyone is welcome — Riders, non-riders, those who have lots of time to give and those who have just a little.


In the meantime, here are some great options for you to continue your support for the TELUS Ride For Dad’s fight against prostate cancer


Join us at one of these great Rides:
Huronia (Orillia): Saturday, May 23
Grand River (Kitchener): Saturday, June 6
Durham & GTE: Saturday, June 13
Niagara: Saturday, June 20
London: Sunday, May 31

Or register online as a “Champion” and continue to gather pledges for the cause.


Your Captain’s Club membership will continue to grow no matter what Ride you choose to support.


Together we can save lives and make a difference in our own community! Please get involved.