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A volunteer addict confesses…

I’ve always been a ‘volunteer addict’. It probably comes from growing up in rural Saskatchewan. If you wanted to play hockey, you had to scrape some ice. Small towns run on volunteers and everyone supports the community in some way. That attitude followed me to the big city of Saskatoon and I’ve always been involved in charity work here. You could call it my addiction. Volunteering gives me a feeling I can’t get anywhere else.

In 2012 I took up motorcycle riding again. That year I rode in the Saskatoon Motorcycle Ride for Dad for the fun of it. The event opened my eyes to the wider motorcycle community and the good work it could do. I had so much fun on that ride. Towns like Blaine Lake and Hafford blew me away with their support. The whole town seemed to be there helping. I thought to myself, now this is something I can get behind. What could be better than fundraising for cancer and riding at the same time?

Soon after that ride I sent off an email to volunteer. Our past co-chair and founding member Mark Diehl invited me to come to a committee meeting to meet the crew. The committee was having so much fun I joined up immediately. Four years later and my dedication to the Ride for Dad is stronger than ever.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news out of the Saskatoon Chapter you have heard us pleading for more volunteers on the organizing committee. Over the last year most of the original volunteer committee moved on to other things. A small group of us were able to put the ride together in 2016 but it has been a struggle. To be blunt, the future of the ride is not a certainty without more help.

When I joined SMRFD in 2012 we had just given money to the University of Saskatchewan. Using the synchrotron researchers were imaging Dog prostates and developing better ways to diagnose prostate cancer in humans. Just last month it was announced that the Canadian Light Source is supplying isotopes to Royal University hospital for human prostate cancer trials. This is local fundraising supporting local research and saving local lives. No drug in the world could feel better.

If you would like some of that good feeling all you have to do is step up and give some of your time. There are many roles available on the committee. We meet once a month or so and always have a good time. Contact to volunteer.

Robert Thompson


Saskatoon Motorcycle Ride For Dad