Bill Ayyad

“I found out about the Ride for Dad back in 2010, when a close family friend was fighting prostate cancer. I immediately signed up for the 10th Anniversary Ride and had an enjoyable time riding to Petawawa along with a few friends.

When our family friend found out that I had completed my first Ride, he was emotional and grateful. He passed away the following year and, before he did, I promised him I would do the Annual Ride, every year for as long as I could ride. Not only do I ride every year but I also raise as much as I possibly can and encourage as many friends as I can to do the same. This past Ride, I had 32 friends who also joined the Ride -with their own fundraising! In addition, I have our company (Park’N Fly) participate as a sponsor every year by supporting our fundraising events, providing parking passes for staff and as raffle prizes, storing the MRFD trailer at our facility year long and, this year, also had our partner in Ottawa (Access Storage) offer a raffle prize for free motorcycle storage space during winter months. My son-in-law’s family owns a food distribution company and I asked them to donate bottled water for the closing ceremonies at the EY Centre and they delivered 1,800 bottles.

I have come to love the Ride, the people and, needless to say, the cause. To me, it’s more than just a motorcycle ride on a Saturday in late May/early June. I set my fundraising goal (about $4,000) early and I get started as soon as registration is open. It’s the least I can do! Keep up the great work and God bless.”

– Bill Ayyad