Giving Tuesday Testimonials

Robyn Dykens

“My Dad was 50, looked healthy, had no symptoms & appeared to be in perfect form.

It was summer. I was excited  & preparing to head off to University, ready to start the next exciting chapter of my life. Instead, I was sitting on my back porch while my parents told me that Dad had prostate cancer. I was 19 years old, scared & thinking the worst.

Everything seemed to be a whirlwind after that day. My Dad had surgery & I am happy to say is doing well! 

Before all of this happened, luckily, my Dad, Terry Cairns, met Garry Janz from the Ride For Dad. Garry asked if he had got tested & so the story began. My Dad joined his first motorcycle Ride, did a simple PSA blood test & it changed our lives. Early detection saved my Dad’s life  & made sure we all get to continue living life together as a family! 

On behalf of my family, I ask that you make a donation in the fight against prostate cancer. Through research & awareness we can fight to keep the men we love with us! ”

Robyn Dykens

Daughter of Prostate Cancer Survivor, Terry Cairns


Terry & his wife Carolyn celebrated Robyn’s wedding as Terry walked Robyn down the aisle. They continue to enjoy time with Robyn & their son Jamie at family gatherings.

Suzanne McCann

“My husband, Vince McCann loved life & shared the love of the arts with his musical McCann family. Vince passed away at an early age of 51 after a battle with prostate cancer. A PSA test was not suggested to Vince.

In Vince’s battle, his message was clear to male friends & family. Along with a hug & a handshake were the words “Have you Got Checked yet?” My incredible husband wanted to reach out to others & possibly save their lives!

Along with my daughter Stephanie & my son Jeffrey, we carry on Vince’s incredible legacy every day. I continue to live & do the things Vince would love to have done with us. My children are amazing & we treasure his memory & make new ones together.

We are asking for your personal support this giving season by making a donation to the fight against prostate cancer through research & public awareness. As Vince said, “Get Checked”.  Prostate Cancer is 90% curable if detected early.”

Suzanne McCann


Suzanne & daughter Stephanie McCann are active Executive Members of the Ottawa TELUS Ride For Dad & continue their fight against prostate cancer for men & their families.